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The objective of waste management is to protect the enviroment, mainly human health, animals and all natural resources through Minimisation of waste disposed at landfills through strategic waste minimisation techniques outlined on the table below.

Waste Management - No need to worry about your waste anymore, wherethere it be General, Hazardous, Organic or Medical Waste. We can take care of all those needs for you and you don't have to lift a finger.

Wheelie Bins/Skip Bins - We provide wheelie bins/skip bins and also service them on a schedule basis. You can buy or rent them from us.

Spillage Response - Oil or fuel spillage on your premises?, just give us a call and we will send our expert team to take care of it. 

Waste Accessories - We also provide a range of accessories you may need, Wherether it be wheelie bins, recycling bins, spillkits and refuse bags

Recycling - Not everything has to be wasted or can never be reused, don't be scammed by some of the "Waste Management Companies" out there, Charging you for everything that they collect as "waste" from you. We advise all our clients on how to use our ennovative recycling ideas to save costs on waste disposal.

Septic Pump-Out - A real waste management company gives you all these related services all in one. We know that no one likes a full drain so we respond immediately to pump it out for you at a low cost, no matter where you are.

Consultations - We also offer consultations for which ever Enviromental challenges you might have, giving you the best and cheapest solutions.

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